Da Scoreboard: The Canadian artist with his new musical instrument only release


Da Scoreboard is known to be an Indian-born Canadian artist. He is one of the most genuine musicians out there. When he was in 8th grade, he started making music. This is how he fell in love with music. When all his friends spent time playing games, he honed his music skills on a different genre. He always experimented with various types of music from different global artists. His ultimate aim is to combine different music elements and styles from various musicians to create something of his own.

Music style and preference

As he has always experimented with different kinds of music over the years, he grew a preference for combining different elements from them. His music idols are reputed musicians like Weeknd, Drake etc. He dreams of making some EDM-style music to present it in the ‘Da Scoreboard’ way.

His upcoming instrumental-only release: Moon

He is looking forward to his upcoming only release Moon. This release is all about his music taste. It described what kinds of music he is really into. After this release, he will think about producing and releasing a full proper music album.

More about him

Da Scoredboard really likes two things, business and sports. His name ‘Da Scoreboard’ has been inspired from sports only where ‘Da’ signified ‘Dababy’ or ‘the’. And he took included Scoreboard in his name as this signified his urges to stay at top whether it is business or sport.

He dreams of making collaboration with different reputed musicians out there, be it in recording studios or on live shows. He is up for anything and everything in this regard. But for that to happen, a musician’s vocal and music vibe must match his first.

One of the most notable moments of his life was when Drake performed in the BC Pemberton festival that he experienced live. Da Scoreboard was in Montreal during this time but he flew for 3 hours just to attend this live show of Drake due to his love for the singer. This is why he looks forward to collaborating with his idol in the future.

Da Scoreboard is really there to support the rising artists in whatever way he can. Moreover, he also wants to help the poor but talented individuals who want to get into the music industry.

He has taken inspiration for his upcoming release Moon from different pieces and areas. He had to use different instruments and tools. It was also inspired by Billie Elish music and the movie scenes of Spider-Man. He always looks forward to create some catchy melodies for the music lovers. After taking inspiration and elements from different kinds of music work from reputed artists, he wants to create his own piece of music someday.