Guide to a Borobudur Sunrise Tour


Most of the people today understand, seeing the Borobudur sunrise is a beautiful perspective. The first morning light of sunlight covers Borobudur in a hot fog blanket, making this gorgeous temple unique.

Borobudur is a 9th-century Mahayana Buddhist temple in Java Indonesia and the largest Buddhist monument in the world. Travelers worldwide see Indonesia, especially to get a tour of Borobudur and see the magic of over 500 Buddha figurines and experience the even more fascinating Borobudur sunrise.

Borobudur Sunrise Tour

We woke up approximately 4:30 am, and then piled on our scooter with Google Map instructions. Depending on how busy the city streets were in this early hour, we cautiously navigated our way out of Yogyakarta (locally called Jogja) onto Jalan Magelang Yogyakarta, which would lead us into Borobudur.

It was approximately an hour after when we arrived at the gates into the complex. The gate was closed. There were no other tourists in sight. It was about 5:40 am. The sun would be rising in 10 minutes.

All of a sudden, the boom gate started. We drove straight in, parked our staircase, and made our way into the temple park entrance in which a handful of other vacationers were expecting the doors to start. As the clock hit 6:00, we were welcomed inside. We made our move to the ticket collection office where complimentary coffee and tea awaited us. We downed our welcome drinks and rushed to the main temple.

The first light of dawn had already struck the temple, stirring the birds from the trees leading up to Borobudur.

The First Rays Of The Borobudur Sunrise

As our eyes caught the Borobudur Temple’s first glimpse throughout the morning mist, we noticed that a crowd of tourists eagerly awaiting their opportunity to snap the first sunbeams.

This group of individuals, easily known by the bright yellow “Sunrise Tour” stickers adorning their tops, were the”lucky few.” Which happy to pay 450,000 IDR ($32) to combine the Manohara Hotel Sunrise Tour (or even 275,000 IDR ($20) when they were staying at the resort ). They were there since 5 am but still awaiting the sun to breach the horizon through the morning fog.

A few minutes after, the birds scattered as the loud noise of camera shutters engulfed the temple. Selfie sticks and tripods have abounded, and guards were made to become photographers as everybody jostled for the perfect Borobudur sunrise shooter.

It was crowded and practically impossible to have a clean shot without another group ruining your photograph.

Get a Borobudur Sunrise With No Crowds

The advantage of traveling to Borobudur on a scooter was that we had a great time. And it did not take quite a while for the crowds to disperse.

The vast majority of them hurried back to their Borobudur tour minivans, leaving us to love Borobudur’s stunning temple on our-self. We lingered for another hour or so, got some opportunity to walk around the temple, snap a few great photos or videos, and leave soon before the morning crowds rolled in.

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