How is Zeptagram useful for artists?


Zeptagram is an online platform to help music artists and music lovers. The platform runs on the latest blockchain technology. Music lovers will be able to invest in music albums created by their favorite artists. If you are interested in investment and trading of music rights, you should understand the benefits of Zeptagram.

Financial Incentive 

Music artists will get financial incentives with the subscription made by their music fans and followers. Artists will be able to tokenize music rights and sell them to their fans. The ownership right shared by music developers to the audience offers immense benefit to Music Trading Sites Sweden.


  • Multi-disciplinary innovation – Zeptagram can be claimed as a multidisciplinary innovation. It combines the best of technology, music, and finance domains. In other words, all these three domains are clubbed together to get the best for music creators, music fans, and music investors.
  • Investment potential – The online platform gives the investment potential for music lovers. If you have flair and a knack in identifying the future music hits, you can bet on your favorite albums by buying music rights. If you wish to invest in the traditional Music Stock Exchange Sweden, you will want to go through the company’s fundamentals, follow the day-to-day demand & supply changes, and guess the business’s long-term prospects. Your music knowledge and judging skills will help you make great gains.
  • Protection of IP rights – Zeptagram will protect the Intellectual Property (IP) rights of music creators. Artists will be able to exercise control on their albums than never before in the history of humanity. With their ability to tokenize the music rights, they will generate money transparently. It will help in the prevention of pirated copies as individuals not only enjoy the music but also purchase rights on music.
  • Access on a smartphone – Zeptagram is available on the web. You can also install the app on your Android or iOS phone. The Sweden based company has ambitious plans to add new features and to go for an exclusive tie-up with big-name artists in the industry.
  • One-time registration – To access the service, users should go through the one-time registration process. After installing the app, you should create your wallet by going through the profile section. By using a valid government id card, the KYC can be completed. After completing the registration, you will get a valid digital ID.
  • Value addition – In this revenue model, as soon as the music creates value, the stakeholders will enjoy the fruits. 

Support By Music Fans 

A highly talented music artist will get quick attention by using the online platform. Music fans got the opportunity to support their favorite artists by purchasing the IP rights for the albums created by artists. Music fans can also become investors and traders by choosing the right music albums. 


  • With the advent of the new generation online platform, the music creation is not limited to a few popular artists who are fortunate enough to fund their albums and market their skills.
  • As the internet gives access to the flood of information to the common man, an ordinary unexposed musician will get wide exposure to his albums. Thus, the platform paves the way for the democratization of the music industry.
  • It is easy to monetize the existing and future songs by music creators. Music composers and IP owners will judiciously monetize their efforts and eliminate the middlemen in this process.


With the recent mention of Zeptagram in various newspapers, magazines, and social media, the app’s popularity is ever increasing. Music artists will be able to sell music to individual subscribers and the royalty payment will be very much enhanced.