How to Choose the Right Size Guitar


Guitar becomes popular music instrument. Many people love playing the instrument and there are many music genres that can be played with guitar. However, when you want to buy a guitar for yourself or your kid, it may not be easy task to choose. There are many kinds of guitar that you should choose. In this case, it will be trickier when you want to buy your kid a guitar since size will be problem. It will be quite hard to learn how to play guitar when the size is not suitable since it is not going to be easy to play. That is why it is necessary to know how to choose the guitar.

Select the Right Size Guitar

Before choosing the guitar size, it is important to know general types of guitar. This may not have specific correlation to the size, but it will be necessary to know since different types of guitar will have different music genres to play and different weight. In general, guitars can play various genres but it still needs specific types to get best and most suitable sound. In this case, there is acoustic guitar as the most common. It has steel string and its body is quite big and thick. Then, there is classical guitar. Basically, it is almost similar to the acoustic guitar but it uses the nylon strings. Third option is the electric guitar. Its thickness is different since it is thinner and it has steel strings. Then, it is designed to have some sound effect devices attached to the guitar.

In addition to different use or sound created by the guitar, thickness of the body will affect comfort in playing the instrument. When it is thick, such as in acoustic guitars, it will be harder for the body to reach the strings, especially for kids. That is why thickness may also become consideration regarding the size of the guitar. As for the general sizes, normally it is determined by the size of body and neck. In this case, some people mostly consider and choose the guitar based on the overall length. In fact, it is more effective and efficient to choose based on the scale length.

What is called as the scale length is the length from the neck to the base of the strings. These are the main area where the guitar is played since there are cords and the area where the sound will resonate. These are the part that will determine the way to choose the guitar. It is because the overall length can be quite huge, but it does not mean that the scale is long enough. That is why it is important to check the scale length. It will be better when the kid tries the guitar to make sure whether the kid will feel comfortable or not to play with the scale length.

As for the additional tips, it is better to choose bigger guitar for the kids. There are normally four sizes of guitar. There are ¼, ½, ¾, and full size guitar. In this case, the first two sizes are normally for small kids, but it is better to choose the one level higher. It is to consider the growth of the kid since growth will be quite quick so the guitar may not feel nice anymore after some month. That is why choosing bigger size is better.