Music Pros That Were Noticed For Their Talent Online



If you are an aspiring musician and you sometimes feel like giving up, all you need to do is read this article. It will show you that as long as you have the talent and are willing to share it with the world, you can turn heads thanks to the internet. All you need is that one lucky break and you could get noticed by somebody that has the power to turn you into a superstar. 

Numerous music stars were first found online before becoming the household names that they are today. Below we have listed three of the biggest names that were discovered online:

Justin Beiber

It is probably best to start off with the most obvious. Justin Beiber was just a cute 13-year old kid with a love for music when he discovered YouTube and began uploading cover versions of songs he liked. He gained a huge following and it was not long before a talent scout tracked him down and he signed for RBMG Records. The rest as we say, is history. 

5 Seconds of Summer

Proving that showcasing your musical talents on YouTube is a great idea, 5 Second of Summer were also discovered thanks to the video streaming site. Amassing a large following, it would not be long before Sony Music took an interest in signing them up. Shortly after they were supporting One Direction on a worldwide tour.


Who doesn’t love Adele? This amazing artist found stardom via a different route online. Actually, somebody else found it for her. A friend uploaded three songs to MySpace that Adele had recorded for a class project.  This led to a recording contract with XL Recordings and a hugely successful music career that is still going strong today.

You Could Be Next – So Get Your Music Out There!

It might not be as easy these days due to everybody and his dog uploading songs to sites like YouTube but real talent will eventually get spotted. If you are not going online to promote yourself, you are making a huge mistake. The internet is probably the best marketing tool that any aspiring artist can use. If you want to be discovered and build your brand, start uploading your skills to video streaming sites, submit music to blogs, and use social media to spread the word of your talents!