Soothing The Soul With Poetry 


As we continue to partake in the digital age, our attention continues to shrink, and our focus is significantly altered. Communication on social media and children shying away from classrooms have become the norm now, and as a result, many important literary works are becoming underestimated and underutilized in our modern culture. 

However, there are still some people who have been trying to come up with a solution for it. One of these people includes Pramod Rajput, a highly acclaimed Indian poet, novelist, and software architect. 

Poetry has always been an important and valuable literary work that has slowly been losing its popularity in the past couple of days – but ever since Pramod joined the professional literary world, things have slowly begun to change. 

After working in multinational corporations for more than two decades as a software engineer, Pramod decided to shift his attention and focus more on his poetry. Since his college days, he would always be interested in writing poetry, particularly in Hindi/Urdu. 

It was in 2017 when he finally decided to make his work public. In that pursuit, he created a YouTube channel, ‘Kuchh Kalam Se’, and started posting his poetry. Eventually, he began to receive many invitations to participate in Hindi/Urdu, Mushaira, and Kavi Sammelans. 

It was only after two years that he rose to fame when his poetry was quoted in the Indian Parliament by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. His poetry consists of romance, but he has shown excellent abilities in portraying other emotions like happiness, frustration, and so much more. 

As someone who has worked in bringing about the popularity of poetry in the past couple of years, here are some of the reasons why poetry can be the best remedy for your soul. 

Beneficial For Development Learning 

When it comes to a child’s education, their written and verbal skills are still underdeveloped – which is where poetry can make a big difference. Through poetry, children are able to learn rhythm and to string words together alongside a beat that helps with the cognitive understanding of words and where they are meant to fit. Moreover, it also teaches children the art of creatively expressing themselves, which is difficult to find in our new-age educational landscape. 

Boosting Innovative Ideas 

Sometimes, you will be sitting in front of a blank paper, and you will not know what to write. In that case, simply pick up a poetry book and read through various excerpts written by classic poets, and you will find yourself thinking of many new ideas that you probably have not thought about before. Poetry helps you to understand visual descriptions and emotions and effectively process these experiences in your own interpretation. 

Therapy For Writers 

Poetry Therapy is a creative arts therapy that focuses on using written words to understand and communicate your thoughts and feelings. 

Poetry can be short, but they have a strong emotional impact. Writers can get in touch with the sentiments that they might not have been connected with for a long time. Moreover, anxiety and depression are one of the two top mental illnesses that are being treated by this therapy and already showing significant positive results.