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Making a film that replicates your imagination or the vision that you had in mind can be a task. Sometimes the filming was all done to the optimum but lighting became a major problem. There will always be a little issue here and there. Video editor apps today can help resolve minor issues which impact the quality of content majorly. Here are a few video editing tools that you should be aware of for creating inspirational videos and films.

  1. Video crop app: Camera all set. Lighting’s perfect. It’s the sunset time-lapse at the beach. Results came out engaging and beautiful except for the dancing crow that somehow managed to be in the time-lapse throughout. It’s possible today to crop out the unnecessary elements from raw data. Hence keeping your story inspirational and interactive. Unless otherwise the crow could be the beauty of the video.
  2. Transitions & filters: Add the drama needed! Even if it’s a silent night by the palm tree, make sure you use the filters to enhance the roaring winds curling past the leaves of the palm trees. Transitions have been in trends and are still in from the time it was introduced. You can get creative with entry/exit transitions, changing scenes & venue transitions and a lot more can be done.
  3. Music & voice overs: Video with no sound is a big no-no. Charlie Chaplin even had dramatic music for his mute comedy. Since it’s 2021, fresh and breezy content will require your attention for background music and voice overs. Choose music for the vibe. For example, if it’s a beach video, a light-paced country music can suit or if it’s a road trip, a Metallica can be the taste to dwell in.
  1. Stitching in & stitching out: Remember the time-lapse and the crow dance above? There is another way you can get rid of the joyous crow. Stitch him out. Apps like MontagePro & Kinemaster allow you the tool of video cutter which eventually helps you get rid of the disturbing elements in the video.
  2. Video size and quality: At times when we film, we tend to forget the aspect ratio value for the frame. Keeping in mind the sizes, you can set any frame in the preferred aspect ratio. Once you are done with editing you can even export your final content in your desired quality.
  3. Stickers, animations & texts:
    Do you or do you not dodge the videos with no intros or outros? Introduction plays a very vital role before starting the main content. Even on YouTube, you get to choose your thumbnail for the video. Hence making a thumbnail and introduction frame is necessary. Make sure you use the artistic texts, stickers and engaging graphics for the same.

These were a few essential tools to wrap up on video editing. Other than this video editor apps are themselves user-friendly and engaging platforms for beginners to experts.