The Best Back Office Features Of Cinema Management Software


Cinemas have revived their spirits and have enjoyed revenue growth this past year as they have finally been allowed to return to normalcy.

With the halt of operations of cinemas around the world due to the pandemic, the cinema industry has witnessed a surge of customers that are eager to return to their favourite pastime activity. From family outings to date nights to solo excursions, cinemas have created a space for anyone to come and enjoy the power of storytelling on the big screen.

To cater to this ever-increasing demand, it is important that cinemas adopt a cinema management system to boost revenue and guarantee success. Cinema management software help provide an all-in-one solution for businesses in the industry to utilise a fully integrated cinema system with an array of valuable features.

Moreover, the variety of back office services offered by cinema management software help ensure that your business’s administrative matters and behind-the-scenes work is catered to. As opposed to front office services that deal directly with clients (e.g., marketing, sales, etc.), back office services involve the processes for running the business itself.

Here are a few of the best back office features to look out for with cinema management software.

Dashboard & Analytics

By using configurable dashboards available on desktops and mobile devices, your cinema will be able to access and process all non-aggregated data. You can now better understand your business through analysis as the software processes all data for easy accessibility. This includes ticket sales, screenings, web sales, kiosk sales, loyalty information, and more.

Head Office Management

From automated data flows to accessing real-time information, cinema software ensures that your cinema has the capability of managing all head office functions. This includes scheduling movies, managing concessions items, employee workflows, digital signage, and more.

Distributor Management

With cinema management software, you can now efficiently create reports and send them to distributors. Through reporting automation, you can define the frequency of the reports (e.g., once a month) to automatically send reports to distributors based on any selected criteria.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are an exceptional way to improve customer retention rates and establish stronger customer loyalty to the brand. This is because it makes it more convenient for customers to reserve movie tickets online and purchase add-ons to enhance their viewing experience. Cinema software helps track loyalty points rules and restrictions such as blackout dates and the number of transactions to help you efficiently manage loyalty programs.