Why Remained Single: Provide Your Honest Answers


For some people, being alone is circumstantial, while for others, being single is a choice. It is sustainable for anyone being single for a while. Yet, for many, the relationship status starts to weigh them. Lonesome could begin settling in and the feeling of not being worthy of someone’s affection or attention might happen.

So, what is your idea of being single until now? Take the quiz https://inquizz.com/quiz/why-am-i-single-quiz/ and find out why.

What are the possible topics on the quiz?

If you have been puzzled about what questions you will be faced with, this article helps you get a brief description of the quiz. Here are the possible topics that you may encounter on the quiz:

  • Why single for a long time. It is when you ask whether you choose to keep single until your age now. It is a basic question to all single men and women out there. The questions are not difficult to answer. One example is, do you go out? Be honest with your answer.
  • How long have you been single? It is an obvious question – fill in an honest answer. By providing the correct answer, you will become aware of how long you have been all by yourself. In this way, you will realize that it’s been a long time being single.
  • What type of partner. Obviously, all have the likes and dislikes of a partner. It is the start where you feel admiration for someone. Well, each has a like and dislike of a partner. Do you belong to a choosy partner? It is wrong thinking. Everyone has likes and dislikes that are expected of a person. Provide your true answer here to figure out why you are single until today.
  • What is the kind of person you are? It is essential that you know what kind of person you want to be as a partner. But, this is another case. Why would you focus on what type of person you want to be while you have not asked yourself what kind of person you are? Have you asked yourself if your crush didn’t crush you back?
  • What personality are you? Are you the type of person who can’t say to the person you like the most? Do you feel scared or think in advance that you might get rejected? Come on! Never lose the courage and believe in yourself. Nothing will happen if you will not try or ask what and how you feel.

All these are just a few of the questions on the quiz. Prepare yourself and provide all your honest answers. Once you are done, you will get the result after the quiz. Then, you will get the result and understand why you have been single at your age now.